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It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain land for development and land values are increasing as a result. Some property developers are turning to brown-field sites for development opportunities. Such sites often have an additional benefit to development in that site clean-up and improvement can act as a significant driver that unlocks planning permissions.

Significant opportunities exist to develop around and adjoining closed landfill sites, including those that involve re-profiling of the waste mass, removal of some or all of the waste or development over the finished landfill. Ellard Associates have unparalleled experience in the management and risk assessment of closed landfill sites as well as the assessment of opportunities to re-value such sites.

Howard has over 20 years experience of the management and evaluation of landfill sites, including closed landfill sites. He managed Viridor’s extensive portfolio of closed sites for over 10 years. He was instrumental in the formation of the Environment Agency’s Landfill Regulation group and also its Closed Landfill sub group where he was the initial Chairperson.

Howard has assisted a major UK waste company with the disposal of 2 large putrescible landfill sites in the last 5 years. One of these was a closed site whilst the other had been mothballed for several years. Both sites are now owned by property developers. The sale process included the transfer of the relevant Environmental Permit in both cases and the transfer of environmental liabilities.

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